Doctor Destructica (5-page excerpt)

I’ve recently completed a script for Doctor Destructica, a parody picture book about a supervillain who introduces a young boy to the joys of mad science and revenge. Story is 32 pages, with 1-2 illustrations per page. Posted below is a 5-page excerpt.


SCENE: BOY is walking with a backpack slung over one arm. He looks depressed, coming home from a particularly rough day at school. He is passing by a small city park (about half a block). In the center of the park is a big, prominent stone statue of SENSATION SUPERB, which depicts him with his chest out, hands on his hips, and beaming confidently. It’s midafternoon.

A long time ago, when I still was a child,
My life was much simpler, and modestly mild.
It all was so normal, so bland and mundane,
And all of my troubles were boringly plain.

 Scholastically speaking I’m smarter than most,
With many achievements of which I could boast,
But friends and companions, of those I had none,
While bullies and rivals, I had by the ton.

Then one fateful day my life suddenly steered,
Towards everything wild and wonderfully weird.


SCENE 1: Within a thought bubble, Boy has a flashback to earlier at school today. We see RANDY giving the Boy an exaggerated wedgie in the school hallway, holding Boy up by his underwear causing his books to fly in the air. In the background a few kids, and one teacher, are pointing and laughing at Boy’s humiliation.

My schoolmate Randy, the quarterback king,
Thought being too smart was a terrible thing.
Today in the hall he’d explained this position
By giving a wedgie with expert precision.

SCENE 2: Thought bubble of previous scene comes from Boy here. Boy grits his teeth in anger, holding back tears as he remembers. The Boy is walking in front a brick wall, upon which is a wanted poster of DOCTOR DESTRUCTICA. The poster has “WANTED” in large letters at the top, and a black and white picture of Destructica’s face, goggles over her eyes and grinning.

I hated that place! But much to my sorrow,
I knew that I’d have to go back there tomorrow.
With that thought in mind, all hope had eroded…


SCENE: A huge explosion rips open the wall the Boy had been walking in front of, with fire and smoke and bricks flying everywhere. Boy is also flying through the air, eyes wide in surprise.

…and that’s when the side of a building exploded.


SCENE: The explosion created a gaping hole in the side of the building, debris all around and the edges still smoking slightly. Through that hole steps DOCTOR DESTRUCTICA. In one hand is a ray-gun, the tip of which is still glowing red, and with the other hand she holds a large sack swung behind her back. The sack is full of money and jewelry, with some bundles of cash and jewels sticking out of opening. Dr. Destructica shouts triumphantly, a mad scientist savoring a victory.

From out of the smoke stepped a woman in white,
An imposing sight as she stood in the light!
While clad in a lab-coat, and goggles and gloves,
She shouted with glee to the Heavens above,

 “Let this be a lesson to any who tries
To stand between me and where victory lies,
Your power will wilt, my power shall bloom.
I’m Doctor Destructica, Doyenne of Doom!”


SCENE: Destructica stands in front of the Boy, reaching down with one hand to help him up. The other hand still holds the ray gun, pointed away from the Boy. She smiles warmly down at Boy, laying under some bricks. Boy, frightened, nervously reaches to take her hand. The sack of loot lays by Destructica’s feet behind her.

I froze where I’d landed and started to pray,
But sadly she managed to spot where I lay.
Her sack full of loot dropping down with a clatter,
She came to me, asking “Is something the matter?”

“No!” I said quickly, “I’m fine! I’m okay!
I certainly don’t want to get in your way!”
“Oh come now,” she told me, “It’s not any trouble,”
She said as she helped me get up from the rubble.

“I may have a villainous, criminal mind,
But that’s no excuse for me not to be kind!
So come with me now, and I’ll help with your worry…

“…Policemen are coming, so we’d better hurry.”



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