Doctor Destructica (3 page exerpt)

A little while ago, the name Doctor Destructica popped into my head as a good mad scientist name. I’d been thinking about a way to use her…and eventually came up with a Dr. Seuss parody for some reason. Rather than standard panels and dialogue balloons, this work will have free-floating scenes accompanied by loose text.



SCENE 1. Walking down the street of downtown small city is the BOY, looking depressed. He is about 14 years old, small and scrawny. He wears glasses, a “nerd” look, with a backpack swung over one shoulder.

As I walked down the street one day after school,
I found myself feeling more bitter than usual.
I wish I could say that day wasn’t the norm,
But sadly a day like that day was the rule.

SCENE 2. In a flashback to earlier at school today, we see RANDY giving the Boy an exaggerated wedgie in the school hallway, causing Boy’s books to fly in the air. Randy is your typical school bully, strong, tall and delighting in the cruelty he inflicts. He also prominently wears a letterman jacket. In the background a few kids, and one teacher, are pointing and laughing.

Apparently Randy, the quarterback king,
Felt being too smart was a terrible thing.
At lunch in the hall he explained this position
By giving a wedgie with expert precision.

SCENE 3. Close up of the Boy’s face, frowning in anger but fighting back tears at the hopelessness of his situation.

I hated that place! But much to my sorrow,
I knew that I’d have to go back there tomorrow.
With that ugly truth, all hope had eroded…

SCENE 4. An explosion blows out from the side of a building that the Boy had been walking past. He is thrown back, eyes wide in shock.

…and that’s when the side of a building exploded.



SCENE 1. The explosion created a gaping hole in the side of the building, debris all around and still smoking slightly. Through that hole steps DOCTOR DESTRUCTICA, a full-figured woman wearing a lab-coat, high-tech goggles, black gloves, and a utility belt full of gadgets. In one hand is a freeze-ray, the tip of which is frosted over, and with the other hand she holds a large sack swung behind her back. The sack is full of money, with some bundles of cash sticking out of opening. Dr. Destructica shouts triumphantly, a mad scientist savoring a victory.

From out of the smoke stepped a woman in white,
Clad in a lab-coat, goggles and gloves,
She stood in the light, a most imposing sight,
As she shouted with glee to the Heavens above,

“Let this be a warning to any who tries
To stand between me and where victory lies,
Your power will wilt, my power shall bloom.
I’m Doctor Destructica, Doyenne of Doom!”


 SCENE 1. Destructica turns her head to the right, noticing the Boy lying on the ground amidst rubble. Desctructica has a neutral expression, while the Boy is visibly frightened. She has let go of her sack of loot, dropping it to the floor.

With a turn of her head, she saw where I lied,
I silently prayed this was not how I died.
Her sack full of loot dropped down with a clatter,
As she turned to me…

SCENE 2. Destructica stands in front of the Boy, reaching down with one hand to help him up. The other hand still holds the freeze-ray, pointed away from the Boy. Her goggles are now sitting on the top of her head, revealing a face with maternal concern. The Boy, nervously reaches to take her hand.

…asking “Is something the matter?”

“No,” I said quickly, “I’m fine! I’m okay!
I certainly don’t want to get in your way!”
“Oh come now,” she told me, “It’s not any trouble,”
Helping me pick myself up from the rubble.

SCENE 3. Destructica puts her free hand on the Boy’s shoulder comfortingly, sincerely offering her help as she talks. The Boy looks away, conflicted.

“I may have a villainous, criminal mind,
But that’s no excuse for me not to be kind.
I think that I recognize there on your face,
Some troubles that are too familiar a case.

So come with me now and I’ll help with your worry!

SCENE 4. We see the interior of the building that Destructica just blasted her way out of. It’s a jewelry store, with the cases and cash registers smashed and emptied. People stand around the store frozen in blocks of ice from Destructica’s freeze-ray, hands raised to shield themselves and screaming.

“Policemen are coming, so we’d better hurry.”


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